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What is a Lateral Drain?

We bet you would have thought about how wastewater from your property makes its way to the main drainage line. Do keep reading. However, before we get straight to it, let’s first answer the question – what is a lateral drain? The kind of home or property you have would also give you an idea of the drainage system that connects your home to the public line. We will discuss this in just a moment. A lateral drain is a wider connection of drains that connects your home to the public line. Typically, it secures your home’s drainage to a central system. A lateral drain is also known as a junction drain. Oftentimes, when the drainage system in your property experiences a damage, then Plumber Watford has a team on the ready. You can, rest assured, get the help you need from a member of our team. Our drainage professionals have been at it for quite a while and come equipped with the right skills and mindset to deal with any drainage problem. So, all you have to do, is get in touch with us.

Who is Responsible for Lateral Drains?

Let’s say there’s a blocked drain situation going on. If your home has a drain shared by a neighbouring house, then your local authority would be responsible. In that sense, they would usually handle this problem. They would send a designated team to visit the area and sort out the issue. This occurs especially for shared drains between several houses. However, if the blockage exists within the boundaries of your home, then you will need to get a drainage specialist to see to it. You need to maintain the drains inside your property. This means it’s time to get the advice of a drainage professional.

On the contrary, if a sewer system serves several homeowners and services a group of houses sharing the drainage network, everyone will need to chip in. If you are unsure about this and want to find out whether it needs a public sewer, then get in touch with the sewerage company. If you own the house, then your property deed might include these details. On the other hand, do keep in mind that our drainage professionals also offer other services, such as CCTV drain surveys.

Can You Build Over it?

Before you expand your home by way of building, you must look into your home’s drainage system located around your property. So, whether you’re aiming to have an extension outside your house garden, you must understand where your sewer and drainage system is. The job will become a little challenging if your home’s drains and pipes affect the process. So, firstly, determine where exactly your lateral drains extend. Make sure that you do this in a way that doesn’t affect the design prospects of your home. For instance, when building on or anywhere close to the sewer, make sure that this extension takes place at least 3 metres away from the sewer line.

What is the Difference Between a Sewer and a Lateral Drain?

A sewer comprises a network of drains that carry all the waste that accumulates from homes. That would include wastewater from kitchen sinks, sewage from toilets etc. The sewers also provide a way out for all the water collected from the roads and lanes outside. This network is vast and is also more of a public line. At the same time, a lateral drain consists of a network of drains or pipes that extend from your own house to the main line. So, this type of drain is limited to the boundaries of your property. Plumber Watford specialists provide a range of services which also includes blocked drain services. Get in touch with us if you’re looking for a good plumber.

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