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Community Radio Watford

While working hard on local plumbing projects, the Watford plumbing team enjoys listening to community radio Watford. Our staff choose Love Watford Radio, which plays great music and also hosts interesting discussions. You can find local news about Watford, and information about the town. Hear community debates, and get to know your town better, with community radio Watford. The radio station launched in Summer 2018.

About the Love Watford Radio Station

Love Watford Radio is a project by the Watford and Three Rivers Trust (W3RT). W3RT is a registered charity. You can support this community radio Watford station by signing up as a volunteer. If you can host a show, have a story to tell, or have technical expertise, you could offer your time to support Love Watford Radio.

Volunteers can get in touch by calling 01923 216 966, and also by emailing info@lovewatfordradio.org. Information is also available online at www.lovewatfordradio.org.

Enjoy Community Radio Watford

There really is nothing better than enjoying good tunes while you are hard at work. Plumber Watford’s local plumbing team loves a range of music genres and therefore we love community radio Watford. It plays everything from modern pop to classic rock. The DJs will even take requests!

Many plumbing companies turn up with excessive sound systems, and blast out electronic dance music. This disturbs you and also your neighbours! Plumber Watford would rather enjoy local radio at a quiet volume while we work. This is pleasant or us, for you, and for everyone around you.

Love Watford Radio is a great place to find local news and also for information on upcoming community events. If you have a news story, or a press release, you can send it to Love Watford Radio. The station promotes local good causes, and is a great place to start when seeking volunteer work or additional support.

Radio by Watford

The beauty of LWR is that it is operated by the community, for the community. Everybody working at this local radio station is a resident of Watford themselves. The shows are broadcast from the centre of Watford. Love Radio Watford celebrates diversity and also showcases the local spirit. These principles make it the perfect match for Plumber Watford, who are a multicultural team with diverse interests.

Radio Podcasts

In addition to the great live broadcasts, Love Radio Watford puts out daily podcasts. You can listen live, and also download them to your mobile device or computer. In addition to the Overnight Music Mix, there are educational and news programmes available. Faith, diversity, LGBT matters, women’s issues and the international community are all celebrated. Listen between 2pm and 6pm on weekdays for information about Watford.

Presenters may rename the shows to suit the theme. However, they must stick to the topic at hand. Watford residents who have something to say on any of the issues can request a presenting slot, or offer their expertise on the subject as a guest. You could also help out behind the scenes, offering technical support – or promoting the station and raising funds for future programming.

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While working hard on local plumbing projects, the Watford plumbing team enjoys listening to community radio Watford. Our staff choose…

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