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Watford Shower Repair Service

When your showerhead or water pressure goes wrong, let our Watford shower repair service team help you. We can mend your old shower or install a brand new one. You may just want to change the shower head – call us at shower repair Watford to look at all the possibilities. We have showers with the newest features, the latest technologies to make your shower an experience to revel in. Just in case, if your shower is not working properly, make sure to consult our team of Watford plumbers for a shower installation.

Things We Can Do For You

A complete job from the Watford Shower Repair team

A shower installation and repair in Watford is easy as that for our team because we have well-experienced members. A shower is not complete unless the surroundings look good and feel safe. We install high quality surrounds which do not deteriorate after a time. We also have a wide range of showers for you to choose from, if you decide to upgrade or install a new one.

Wet Room

Should you wish to own a wet room, we can convert your bathroom into an up-to- the-minute wet room. These are becoming increasingly popular as people realise how versatile and easy to access a wet room is.


And if you need your bathroom to be adapted for someone with physical difficulties, we can help you design you own new bathroom. We have non-slip tiles and grab rails you think they would help. Our plumbers can take on the tiling and grouting for you, to give you a brand-new effect.


As for emergency repairs – as a local company in Watford, we can be with you very quickly and effect the repairs efficiently and fast. In the meantime, we also provide boiler servicing, and boiler repairing too. Our boiler service Watford has plumbers who perform well in these sectors.

Home or Business Premises

Our plumbers can work in both home and commercial premises. And our prime concern is the safety of people using the showers.

A Shower Leak

Sometimes you end up with a shower leak. A point that is often overlooked is that this wastes water, and can be expensive, especially if you are on a water metre. Not to mention, wasting water is ecologically damaging as well. So, call us to get any leaks looked at and repaired before it gets any worse and costs you a lot more. Additionally, sometimes limescale will build up in the shower head, which may cause a block or leak. Watford Plumbing guarantees quality workmanship, and will always charge you a fair price. So, give our shower repair service a call to discuss your options.

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