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Plumber Watford, 27-29 Upton Rd, Watford WD18 0JF
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Plumber Watford – Affordable Local Plumber in Watford

How Are We Unique?

Here at Plumber Watford, we do have something special going for us. Read on to find out!

Something Special

At Plumber Watford we believe we have something special to offer our customers.

Of course, we are highly skilled, experienced, well qualified, competent and friendly. And, yes, we do wear uniforms and have identity cards to make the home owner feel more relaxed in our presence – but we have added something extra to this.

Safety First

We asked ourselves some questions about our services and the way we carry them out.
  • Who usually answers the door when we knock? It’s usually the lady of the house.
  • Is she happy to ask a big strapping man into her house – she may be alone or just looking after young children?
  • Does she feel safe with us?

There is a way to present our identity cards – we don’t just thrust it at her and expect her to read it while we hang onto it. She needs to be able to take her time, to check that we really are the person holding the card – and if she is any doubt, she needs to feel comfortable about ringing our office to check.
Our plumbers stand back as they offer the card to her to take and examine. We do not rush her. And if she chooses to ring the office, we feel that’s fine by us.
And then there’s the trip to the boiler or radiator. How do you feel if someone is right on your heels? Isn’t it better if we go first – we just ask the way and then we lead the way to the fault?

But That’s Not All!

There is another little gadget in the house that only takes a few moments to check – and that’s the fire alarm. We offer to check it completely free, and replace the battery, (they should be checked every year). That little bit extra is typical of the way we run our business.

Why Choose Plumber Watford?

Here are three good reasons:

  • We are the local company, so we can reach you quickly should you have an emergency with your plumbing.
  • We have a great team of plumbers
  • Your opinion matters to us in the local community

Plumber Watford – Your Local Team

Why should the fact that we are a local company have any bearing on why you should call is first?
We can respond quickly to your call as we do not have far to travel. In an emergency this can make all the difference between quickly containing the problem and avoiding structural damage to your property, or a delay with all that that they may result in.

And, we know the local scene, we are aware of any local plumbing issues or bylaws. In Watford there is a problem with the hardness of the water – this is an issue we have a great deal of experience in, and we can tell you about the latest ways to avoid or minimise this problem. In addition, we may even know your property, which can give us a head start when you have a problem. And then, we are unlikely to get lost on our way to you and arrive late for an appointment.

Plumber Watford – Your Great Team

All Plumber Watford plumbers are qualified, certified and registered. We have experienced members of our team who oversee the work, and we have the essential gas-safe registered engineers and plumbers to attend to your gas boiler. All our plumbers undertake advanced training to keep fully up to date with current technologies and regulations. This is important, as the industry is constantly changing and improving. We want you to feel the benefit of the latest advances – and our team are committed to their work.

For plumbing is an exciting and rewarding career. And we find there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the relief on the face of our customers when the plumber arrives and solves their plumbing problem.

But more than our undoubted high qualifications we are a friendly bunch of people and we will make you feel comfortable in our presence and relives some of the stress you might be feeling when your plumbing foes wrong. A friendly face really can help (and it costs you nothing!).

In addition to this, we wear a uniform and carry identification, so you can be sure who you are letting into your home or commercial premises. And if you are in any doubt just ring our office to make certain, before you let us in.

Our Local Community

We guard our reputation jealously. and our reputation stands by the quality of work that we do, the fairness that we charge and the professionalism of our staff. When Plumber Watford charge you, we make sure our fees are reasonable and just. We charge by the hour, which means you always know exactly how much you need to pay us.  In fact, you will find that our fees are low when you compare them to many other plumbers’ charges.

And we never advise you to buy expensive and unnecessary equipment. We repair what we can, and we discuss any essential additions with you. Word can get around quickly and we want Watford to know that we are reliable honest and give exceptional value for money. Just call us to discuss any of your plumbing questions, we will be pleased to help you.

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